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Most executives recognize that the real assets of a marketing company in dubai are embedded in the quality of the relationships between the marketing company and its most important stakeholders, such as clients or customers, employees and suppliers. Developing strategic relationships with customers should therefore be a central priority on the agenda. Our Key Account Management is a systematic process for managing key interactions and relationships with your valuable customers. It focuses on the creation, implementation,execution and evaluation of an overall plan in developing new relationships at all levels aligning the best resources towards result yielding opportunities. Many marketing companies catering to the Middle East sector from their global or regional head quarters or stand to benefit with our services by hiring our experienced key account managers for managing key accounts, maintaining a long term relationship with accounts and maximising sales opportunities within them.

Our Value:

  • Play an integral role in new business pitches and comprhensive account management functions
  • Responsible for the development and achievement of sales through the direct sales channel
  • Focusing on growing and developing existing clients, together with generating new business
  • Write business plans for all current and opportunity tender business
  • Key interface between the customer and all relevant divisions
  • Strong client management and relationship building skills
  • Experience of managing major national accounts at head office level
  • Frequent client visit and periodic reporting to the HQ

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